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About Us

If TIME and SPACE were no longer our restraints, will we ACT  or THINK differently? 


Through the lens, sensibility of OUTCASTS, MISFITS  & OUTSIDERS (oMo), we explore this potential & unheard voices with THEMATIC DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION of FILM & MEDIA projects.  


Towards this end, we work with individuals & institutions--private, non-profit, governmental, etc. We are a team of film, media industry professionals, developers, educators as well as network of collaborators in other disciplines & industries.

SOCIAL ISSUES MISFITS is a  platform for open dialogue, studio, gallery ("oMo Gallerio") to support & review existing or development content about INTOLERANCE--social, cultural, environmental. Every shape & form of outcasts, misfits, outsiders (oMo) is welcome!


Being DIFFERENT & ALONE is a GIFT & not a burden. The end justifies the means IS NOT the PURPOSE. We step in & out of the world individually & collectively but we BELONG TO NO ONE .


In collaboration with film, media and community networks, individuals and organizations


Duncan Sill


Duncan brings uncanny oddball spins to storytelling and has been involved in film industry development since 2007. His participation with film/TV projects include: “Drunktown’s Finest” (Official Sundance Selection, Robert Redford, Executive Producer) and “Somebody Next Door” (documentary on NM Hunger), Homeless Ashes (UK drama), With industry development, Duncan was key personnel in structuring New Mexico policies and film tax credit incentives and soundstage creation and campus infrastructure of Santa Fe Studios. Currently, he is working on 2  documentaries as well as developing several narrative features and anthology. 


Joel Zain Rivers


Joel is a comic creator, freelance illustrator, storyboard artist and writer from San Francisco. His Xeric Grant-funded comic series, “Along The Canadian", was self-published in 2004-5. He later collaborated with Sillywood Animation, a small independent animation house in the San Francisco Bay Area on several animation pilot concepts. He was 1/3 of the artistic team “Out For Justice” formed in 2012 in Portland, Maine, pitching television concepts and working for an international cadre of clients for several years. He has illustrated “The Girl From Hollywood”, a webcomic on the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. He lives with his wife in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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