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  T​he World of Misfits  

Film + Media Collaboratives With & For Outcasts, Misfits, Outsiders  & Those Made To Feel Lacking 


What became of us?

a documentary in production

The subtle dismantling of trapped existence of complacency through the lenses of several average hardworking Joe and Jane trying to “do the right thing” for a decent livelihood and future. 

Overtime, they find frantically that living is closer to the edge, as trust in the status quo comes undone. 

What happens when stability becomes barely surviving?


Dark Fantasy/Thriller Feature in Development

History is not just about the past. For maladjusted CLIO, encounters with the SUPERNATURAL unfold mystic long ago, the now and what has yet to come. Events unveil her ancestral soul but impound her to perpetual unease, unchaining a force--borne from the LOST SOULS OF CHILDREN--caught between angelic and demonic creations and destructions. Life is not what it seems sometimes; nor that which is good or evil.

Social Issues Misfits ☠️🕸

We actively seek to lend an open forum to those marginalized around the globe to have a voice. Tell us if you or know folks who may want to share a story, media content or collaboration on how outcasts, misfits & outsiders (oMo) navigate in the unwinding chaos of this world.  We are especially interested in unheard, buried or muted voices about SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL AND CULTURAL INTOLERANCES. This platform aims for honest dialogue in forms of media (visual, sound, film, web, etc.) that we can share.  We welcome your suggestions to make these activities better and impactful.  Here's one of our Misfits Street peeps...

Content & Resource Development

Film Production, Music & Media Collaboratives

Film/Media Industry & Community Involvement

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